Zach Stutzman

Head Coach

TEAMS: 2013 and 2014-2015 boys

I started coaching like most. My nephew's rec team needed a coach, and my son was too young to play at the time, so I agreed to coach. I have coached since. I grew up playing soccer. I have had the privilege to play in multiple countries and have found that soccer is this beautiful global language that everyone speaks. I have played in slums, with rolled up garbage and plastic bags for balls, and sticks propped up as goals. Smiles and energy the same as matches I've played in stadiums with the finest grass or turf fields and equipment. Soccer is for everyone, and I use that as my primary philosophy in how I coach. As well as trying to create better understandings of how this game can be played.

I have a beautiful wife, and two kids. I run an agency that works with adults with developmental disabilities. I am a massive soccer fan. Timbers and Liverpool are the clubs I support. I enjoy paddle boarding and riding bikes and adventuring with my family. I love to travel and play golf any chance I can. Ted Lasso is my spirit animal.