Carlos Villarroel

Head Coach

TEAM: 2010 Girls

I started coaching soccer to spend time with my middle daughter. I loved playing the game as a kid, it gave me a sense of purpose and prepared me for life. I didn’t know it at the time, but soccer has had an immense impact in my life.

I’m a girl dad to 3 amazing and talented girls, who all have their individual sports and talents. I have enjoyed seeing them grow as athletes and young ladies. I share them with my amazing and supportive wife who has stood by all of us in our endeavors. I think she has all the YouTube coaches voices memorized. Because what aspiring soccer Coach doesn’t spend countless hours on YouTube developing drills to prepare their team for success in life’s journey.

Soccer for me is more than just the game. It’s an opportunity to help develop and grow young athletes holistically. It’s watching them build confidence in themselves and as a team. I approach the game much like life, celebrate the wins humbly and navigate adversity with a sense of purpose and poise. I love seeing them take on challenging teams from larger clubs and compete every step of the way. That’s a testament to their hard work and accountability for themselves. The group of girls I coach are some amazing young ladies. While I am also the coach, I am constantly learning from them, their voice is vital to our success. They believe in themselves first and foremost and that’s what makes coaching worth it.