David Heddy

Head Coach

TEAM: High School Boys

Team sports are a vehicle to develop character, build camaraderie with peers, and overall become better people. There are many ways to do this, but if you want to learn it quickly join a sports team! My aim as a coach is to help players build confidence in their abilities on and off the field that make them successful in all areas of their life.

My soccer career started at the age of 7 and I've been going strong ever since. My Junior year in high school I moved to a new school and two coaches that were passionate for the sport helped to build that in me. Something clicked that year and I began to understand the patterns of play and what I could do to best offer my skills to help the team be successful. I continued playing soccer through college and to this day I find great joy in challenging myself on the pitch.

To build lifelong athletes, I seek to develop a love in the players to push themselves physically and mentally. This works best in a positive environment where we look for the good in each other, learn from our mistakes, and appreciate the unique identities and skills of each player. If they can learn to do this on the field, there is a good chance it will translate to other areas of life.

Together with my wife Hanna, we have three children and two of them are playing with the Club. I've worked full-time for Habitat for Humanity International for almost 20 years. We enjoy backpacking, mountain biking and using our backyard sauna. We love the town of Newberg and are working to build an inclusive place where every child has an opportunity to thrive!