JJ Ramirez

Fundraising Coordinator

My son has been involved with NYS for 5 years and I have been involved in the leadership team for a little over 3 years. At the time, there was a big need for some parents to step up and help with one of the many positions that needed to be filled. I put my name in the hat and started as the Vice President. I am now the Fundraising Coordinator.

I feel there is a lot of opportunity in this area that can help with our growth. NYS has been such a great place for my son and I want more families to hear about it.

I am a disability insurance agent for my day job, it allows me the opportunity to really help people. I have a wonderful life with my wife Kari, and 5 kids.

My hobby is my obsession with decorating in and out for Christmas! I have a Christmas village that I have been adding to since high school.