Week 14 Training

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun and has been able to get out and play some kicky-ball!  We’ve got some good challenges this week for everyone as we are looking forward to getting back out on the field together soon!

Here are this week’s skills

For our younger/less-experienced players:

For more experienced/advanced players, this is a good time to revisit some of the older skills as well as take a look at the link below.  This one has some very good, yet more advanced, ideas.

More skills ideas…

If you would like another source for training ideas, check out Train With MLS Ball Mastery. They’ve got some good videos!

Fun videos to watch…

Full game to view…

Let’s head back to the Champions’ League for this week’s full game!  The game is Chelsea vs. Ajax and is full of goals!  Ajax is a club that produces a lot of young talent that ends up playing all over the world in top leagues, while Chelsea is a constant top presence in the Premier League.  This one even includes some of Chelsea’s very young talent as well.  Enjoy!

Don’t forget about the juggling challenge, and remember to take a look at our previous posts for some more skills challenges and ideas.