Week 13 Training

As I’ve been looking at resources for this post, as well as looking at what some current movements in youth soccer are encouraging, one thing that keeps coming to my attention is playing for the joy of it!  We play because we love the sport and have a lot of fun competing.  I’ve been seeing more and more resources that reinforce the need for kids to have fun in order to really learn the game.  I hope the skills ideas we’ve shared have been fun for the kids to work on and even more fun when they see their own improvement!

This week I’ve included more advanced skills for both groups of players to try and have added some more fun videos which I enjoyed watching.  Our full game link is to the 2014 MLS All-Star game that was played in Portland.  Have fun with the skills, enjoy the videos, and have a great week!

Here are this week’s skills

For our younger/less-experienced players:

For more experienced/advanced players:

More skills ideas…

If you would like another source for training ideas, check out Train With MLS Ball Mastery. They’ve got some good videos!

Fun videos to watch…

Full game to view…

This week we’re going to suggest the MLS All-Stars vs FC Bayern Munich from 2014.  This was a fun game played in Portland which had a lot of fun and controversy with MLS in mid-season form and Bayern in their pre-season.  We get to see some of the best players in the world at that time and the most exciting coaches in both MLS and Germany from that time as well.  Enjoy!

Don’t forget about the juggling challenge, and remember to take a look at our previous posts for some more skills challenges and ideas.