Week 6 Training

Welcome to Week 6 Skills Training!

This week we continue moving forward with skills progressions with some more Coerver skills for both our younger and older groups.  These are some great movements to master and integrate with other dribbling moves to help players master ball control.

We’ve got some fun activities, videos, and a great semi-classic EPL game to take a look at!

Here are this week’s skills

For our younger/less-experienced players:

For more experienced/advanced players:

Full game to view…

I am having too much fun finding games to pass along (and shouldn’t be spending so much time previewing things…)!  I went back to the English Premier League from the 08/09 season for a game between Manchester United and Chelsea.  This one is fun for me because of some of the names of players from both teams that have been, and continue to be, some of the most famous names in soccer.  One player on the bench is a young G.O.A.T. prospect, several others have either spent time in MLS in the last 6 years, or are currently coaching or playing in the EPL right now (Chelsea’s current coach starts for them in this game…) 

Fun videos to watch…

Extra skills videos

Don’t forget about the juggling challenge, and remember to take a look at our previous posts for some more skills challenges and ideas.