Week 2 Training

Hello all!

I hope you enjoyed getting in some practice with our skills from last week! This week we will add a couple of more skills to practice as well as some additional fun that I’ve come across from some of our OYSA Directors. Take a look, get in some movement and practice, and have fun! Be sure to film and post your skills to the comments!

Ball Mastery for younger, less experienced players:

Ball Mastery for more intermediate/experienced players:

An additional challenge this week is coming to us from Virtual Club Challenge. This week, take video of yourself taking the ball out of the air in a stall (sort of like catching and holding the ball for a bit), then post it in the comments. This is definitely an outdoor challenge as it’s a bigger challenge to receive the ball from a higher toss/kick.

Here are some ideas shared by the OYSA Technical Director…

Cool soccer videos to watch:

Some other fun challenges for your down time, especially for more confident/experienced players: